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perfect day to give a magnum a much deserved blowjob

This is the perfect day for a suicide. The sun feels warm, the streets are quiet, boredom hypnotizing me into stupor while sadness creeps from within, bubbling little by little into the surface.


"Let me entertain you! Boom! Boom! Let me entertain you! Boom! Boom! Hoy pumalakpak kah!"

- Alma Moreno as Stella in Gosengfiao's Bomba Star.


Marissa Delgado is slowly inching her way to has-been-dom as her arch-rival, Stella, is being groomed as the next Bomba Star. She is on the bed while her gay assistant paints her nails.

"Sino ang pinaka-maganda?"


"Sino ang pinaka-sikat?"


"Sino ang pinaka-box office?"


"Sinong pinaka-paborito mo?"

The gay assistant's face lights up and says:

"Si Vilma!"


- Bomba Star



Quietly he stood up and walked away from the monitor. He wanted to shout. He had the energy of ten thousand elephants and he wanted to run around the hall as fast as he could. He wanted to be in his room, alone, so he could dance wildly, something that he does when he is profusely elated. Like the time his wife got pregnant. It was just like that, he thought, but different. This time, he felt whole. For the first time in his 33 years of existence, he felt at home. He was doing exactly what he thought he should be doing and that meant a great deal to him. His existence was validated.

He took a stick from his pack and lit it and his nerves calmed a little. But still, excitement was dripping from his every pore. He attempted to stand still for a moment, which was difficult because he realized he was shaking. Tremors seem to originate from the inside, rendering his muscles useless. On stage a girl in skimpy skirt was belting out a ballad. She couldn’t sing he could see that and so do the …