oh barf!

Recently I’ve begun smoking almost a pack a day. I guess that’s what boredom and unemployment do to you. You try to kill yourself in any way possible. But until I have successfully done that, I am stuck here at the house waiting for everything. Phone calls from future employers, text messages from friends inviting me out, for my boyfriend to come home from work. Just tonight, I saw again the last four episodes of Sex and the City. I have question: Why did they have to shoot it in Paris when Carrie eventually fell back to Mr. Big? Frankly, I was rooting for Alexandr Petrovsky. He’s an artist and a man of the world and Mr. Big is all about phony suaveness. When I look at him I think of hamburgers and bland Americans. I wished Carrie would have stayed in Paris. Yes there are problems but as far as I know couples almost always have problems. Anyway, why am I ranting about a show that’s not even on TV anymore?

Earlier I was supposed to go boxing with Weng but Weng’s sick so I just stayed home and popped in Memoirs of a Geisa while doing sit-ups. Gong Li is gorgeous. I love her. She’s one of my favorite actresses of all time. But she is not half as good in Geisha as when she was still doing Chinese movies. She was brilliant in Ju-Dou and Raise the Red Lantern, which is among my favorite movies. In Raise the Red Lantern, the first thing you see is Gong Li in a close-up, tears running down her beautiful but determined face. “I’m finally obeying you mother,” she said. “Ill do as you please.” She then became a concubine and went mad. Maybe Gong Li was gunning for an Oscar or for a more American audience because she should’ve chosen a filmmaker as good as her previous boyfriend, Zhang Yimou. Interestingly enough, Gong Li’s arch-nemesis in the movie is another Yimou protégé, Zhang Ziyi who also became Yimou’s lover. Though I loved Chicago, I thought that Geisha’s director Rob Marshall had produced a stinker. I almost barfed when Sayuri’s (Ziyi) clients asked her to be a geisha again to seduce an American financier. Oh my gulay, it’s like in movies where at the last minute the lead star is called in to save the day with his special talent like dancing or throwing a ball or in the case of Geisha, flirting. Fortunately my friend Long-long arrived and I was forced into conversation as Saruyi and another character were in a cliff with a breathtaking view presumably confessing that they have loved each other long before they even knew it. Oh god, with the kind of movies we have today I might just turn bulimic. barf!


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