fashionable death

A speck of light floats in the middle of the darkness. As the music swell (the theme from Schindler's List) so does the light, which blossoms into an image of a woman. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she emerges from the darkness, floats around in mid-air, swathed with a fabric so soft and light it appears like liquid. And as the music ends, so does she who slowly turns into a speck of light. Then there was darkness again.

I was mesmerized. Who knew a fashion show could be so — i hesitate to say this — emotional? It was Alexander McQueen's show from two or three years back and the model was Kate Moss. I stumbled upon it while surfing Youtube. I only read about Alexander McQueen when I was still working in a newspaper. Regularly, photos of his shows would come up in our pages. Unlike other designers, his designs grab you instantly. There are more costume-y than your average Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs. I believe, he once had his models appear by riding the horses on a carousel. Apparently, the show that I saw on Youtube was about death. Again, who knew death could be so fashionable? Although the clothes were like costumes from Hamlet and Doctor Zhivago but my untrained and deeply unfashionable eye loved it. If I were to die a rich man, I would have Alexander commissioned to create the clothes for my grievers while I would be wrapped in a white light fabric. I will have my body be lowered ever so slowly to the tune of Schindler's List, my white dress undulating in the air, waving and swaying as the darkness of the grave envelops my lifeless body. Just like Kate Moss.

PS. log on to youtube and type in alexander mcqueen and kate moss you fully experience the show


napadaan, nagbasa at bumabati ng manigong bagong taon kahit hindi ko alam ang ibig sabihin ng manigo sa tanda ko'ng ito. bow!
Ate Sienna said…
uyyy.. pinanood ko sya.. kakaloka ang holographics! woderful!

hafi nyu nir, my prenship! :)

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