purita jones

In fifteen days I will be jobless again. Great. Just in time for Christmas. If I will end up broke and jobless this December I will have to declare 2007 as my worst year evar! And I thought I had terrible years in the past. I guess there is no better way to have your ass kicked than to move out of your mother's house and be forced to pay rent every month. I definitely didn't see the steel boots coming and hitting me in my nice, cute derrière. I sort of miss the times when that derrière would only get out of bed after 10pm and that's not to work but to go out and, um, play. I may have acquired a live-in boyfriend and an emanciated body in the past year but I have been broke like never before. I know I have been whining about the same thing for several months now but gaddamit I want to get rich!


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