happy halloween

Jan. 11, 2006
Journal entry

Jed and I met last Sunday after i did some minor editing work in Vigra. We were on our way home when I suddenly had an idea. i asked jed if she wanted to walk around that perya along commonwealth. mind you, it was an interesting night. we went to a horror show and i ended screaming my lungs out. we were with two young girls and instead of comforting them, i made things worse by being such a coward. every time we got into a particularly scary spot, i would clutch my bag and would tell them: Ayan na! Ayan na! when a moo-moo (a neighborhood ratfink, most probably) came out of the darkness and brandished his plastic sword at us, i pushed the two girls aside and ran as fast as i could out of the horror house. i was already a few meters from the exit when i realized that i have left something inside. it took me a few precious seconds to realize that what I have left was my friend, Jed. when i got to her, she had her hands on her face and the moo-moo was pestering her with the sword. "nangiiwan ka pala eh," jed told me. i literally couldn't speak. i was having a coughing fit. i was out of breath. but i felt completely exhilirated.


southdude said…
I love this post!!

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