desperate for respect

I know that racial typecasting is horrible. I know that movie and TV producers should be responsible enough not to offend any race, religion or culture, or, perhaps, in the case of Desperate Housewives, make an unfound assumption. Remember the crazed Pinay stripper in Adventures of Pricilla Queen of the Desert? I think we also cried foul when it came out because the producers and the filmmakers portrayed a Filipina as a demented housewife so out there that she would spread her legs in front of an audience and spit ping-pong balls out of her cunt.

We know the Philippines is perhaps one of the worst countries to live in (of course, we know all about it, we live here) and though we bitch about the state of our nation all the time, god forbid that anybody, and I mean anybody—this includes you, Teri Hatcher and the producers of that campy show—to disrespect or slander our country (and our educational system, no matter how pitiful it is) in any way.

Having said this, I think we should forget about that infamous TV episode now that they have issued an apology and think about other pressing matters. Honestly, when I read about the issue, I merely shrugged my shoulder and forgot about it. In fact, it ticks me how some kids are dwelling over it like its some monumental sacrilege worthy of our time and attention. Because there are far more serious issues worthy of our collective anger and disgust like, for example, the ZTE scam.

Kids are you not bothered that the COMELEC chair, who is not even supposed to be brokering deals for the government in the first place, is being implicated in a million dollar scam? Does it not anger you, you who has to earn every penny in order to live, in order to put food on the table and pay the rent, that the COMELEC chief supposedly tried to bribe a former government secretary with P200 million, treating P200 million like it’s just spare change? Did you not feel cheated and insulted when you learned that the First Gentlemen is once again implicated in a graft and corruption issue and the President of the Philippines seems to be doing everything to sweep the scandal under the rug? Are you not puzzled why kids nowadays are totally oblivious of these issues because they are glued to their TV sets watching Teri Hatcher make racial slurs on primetime TV? Because I am, and I am greatly disappointed that we can’t seem to forgive an American TV show for slandering us while we completely ignore the ignoble government officials that have been making our lives such a living hell.

One of my theories is some Pinoys were infuriated because somehow they felt betrayed by a show that they have religiously followed week after week. These are the Filipinos that belong to a certain demographic, the kind who, in some weird way, thought that they are, in fact, living someplace else and not in a slum like the Philippines. They live and breathe the American culture that when an American actually made them feel inferior the fantasy was suddenly shattered. Or perhaps we have sacrificed so much, including our medical professionals, and all we got in return was a hurtful insult.

Fortunately I was never a fan of the show. It bores me and I couldn’t relate to all the ranting and bitching of the four lead stars. What I am a fan of, though, is Ugly Betty, which brings me to…

ABOVE: Back off, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo supposedly said to De Venecia's son upon learning that the latter is also interested in the multi-million broadband deal.


southdude said…
I haven't watched a single episode of Desperate Housewives. But if the producers already apologized, that should be enough. Its not like we were discriminated to the extremes.
bwisit diaries said…
last i heard they are planning on a million dollar lawsuit... meanwhile in da pilipins, patuloy pa rin ang pagsuhol ng gobyerno sa mga politico habang isa sa labing apat pilipino ay nagsasabing sila ay nagugutom... oh well...
BTK said…
It is a TV show! How is that going to shatter the American dream. Get over it fat ass... You need to wake up and smell the roses. We in America can be versatile on what we consume from "T.V.". We know not to take a serious effort from a scripted show. Stop being a bakla and living in a drama world.

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