deep pockets

I was recently acquainted with an up and coming filmmaker. he was in the middle of editing his script and he needed a script editor. we had common friends so my number eventually made its way into his cellphone. one afternoon he sent a text message asking me if i was interested in being part of the project. of course, i was.

so one rainy saturday evening, we met at my favorite cafe in timog. after explaining the project, he turned to me and asked: "So you work for mainstream TV, I'm sure you know how it feels like to be abused by those people?"

"nah," I told him much to his surprise. "I've been fortunate. The people I work can be a tad handful but at the end of the day they're nice people."

He was incredulous, of course.

I've already forgotten about that incident until I received my paycheck this afternoon. My salary has been slashed by HALF - yet again. As stated on the pay slip, I've been absent for five days in the last two weeks. My blood shoot up. I felt woozy. Putang ina! Eh hindi na nga ako umuuwi eh! I work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and those stupid ass-lickers are saying that i have been absent for five fucking days. It almost makes me want to walk out of the office and head home. and i think i should go home right this very minute.

Coincidently, I was talking to a former employee yesterday and he was talking about all the sinister dealings the people upstairs do. I was shocked of course. Little did I know that 72 hours later I will be one of their hapless victims. That's why right after I've typed this, I am making a formal complain. Oh well, good luck na lang sa akin!


atesienna said…
my garsh!!!! alam mo bang binasa ko ang buo, as in BUONG blog mo maghapon dito sa opisina habang nag-hihintay ng program compiles at program runs. grabe... nagpaka-gaga ako sa iyo.

i love your entries. i couldn't stop until i got to the end. kaloka! ni-link na kita. stalker na ako ng blog mo ngayon :)
bwisit diaries said…
wow may ganung leveling! love it! link din kita!

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