crazy crazy planets!!!

crazy week. most of my time is spent writing scripts, editing the vtrs and half -wishing i was at home with the boyfriend. in fact last saturday i was having a centrum moment. it was already 3 in the morning, i still had tons of things to do when suddenly i had this urge to watch all the dvds at home (including the pornos MJ lent me). I stared at the dead tv and said, "Gusto kong mag-sulat. gusto kong manood ng mga pelikula. gusto kong mag-basa ng libro. i want to be... um... complete." I wish I was Angel Locsin who, as reported, earned nearly 60 million in just over two years. I've been working for approximately nine years and boy I would never, ever earn that much, even if i sold my soul to the devil.


southdude said…
lucky girl, that angel. 60 million? and to think, she hasnt shed all of her clothes yet.

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