dead air

it's 4am and i just downloaded Mozzie's cover of Edie Brickel's Good Times. The editor is dead asleep so here I am roaming in cyber space, searching for something to fill the dead air. Earlier I was in the zoo with a bunch of kids. I thought I was going to have a headache but the kids were surprisingly well behaved. I saw a tiger, a cheetah, an emaciated lion and a carnivorous salt water fish with a penchant for eating chicken legs (yes, bobo, they love adidas). I saw some crocodiles too, which made me think of lacoste and some people I know. I woke up early today. After having pleasant dreams I woke up beside the warm body of my lover. It was alarming because everything fell into place and I just knew it was going to be a bad, bad, bad work day. I kissed my boyfriend goodbye and headed to the office to write some guide questions. On my way to work, I sent a text message to the boyfriend saying how much I love him. To which he replied: For you Mario I would bleed. It was very dramatic so I thought of texting him with this reply: Asus ginoo suicidal ka man dong. Fortunately good sense eventually prevailed.


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