because i have nothing better to do than to shoot him

His name is Rik. He is my boyfriend. We dated for four months before we decided to live together. Our relationship is not perfect. Of course. Sometimes when I am mad at him I hear Shirley Bassey singing in the background: 'I love him / I hate him / until the world stops turning.' But when I am in a good mood it is Bach that I hear. I think he is smarter than me. After all, he is into left-wing politics and I am just left handed (ha.ha.). Although I can say with utmost authority that I am more knowledgeable when it comes to movies. When we saw Godard's Band Apart, I had to explain to him what Nouvelle Vague meant to world cinema. We are not a party hungry couple. I stopped going out when I met him and he was never fond of drinking. We are pretty much domesticated. Our weekends are spent watching cable TV and doing the laundry. We are such quiet couple that yesterday while washing our clothes I actually took out Brothers Karamazov and started reading Fyodor Dostoevsky for the second time. Is it a good sign? I sure hope so because I plan to reread The Idiots and Crime and Punishment too. I think it is only when we are both reading Anna Karenina that I should allow myself to panic. By the way thinking of Anna Karenina suddenly reminded me of a scene in The English Patient. Madox offers Almasy his copy of the Tolstoy novel. "It is his way of a man to man talk," the English Patient observes in the book. But I never saw myself as an Anna. Maybe a Bridget but most certainly not a Russian adulteress.

The last time we were out we went to Fete dela Musique in Malate. I just had to go out that night. I was freaking out. Apparently, I could only be a desperate housewife for short span of time. I no longer wanted to be a housewife and I was desperate. When we arrived in malate he kept pointing at every street, recognizing it as the one where we first saw each other. It would have been romantic if he got the street right, which he never did (it was the one in front of Spirits).

Eventually, we plan to make a script out of our relationship. Something like Kasal Kasali Kasalo but with gay characters and frontal nudity. If only Direk Joey (Gosengfiao, not Reyes) was alive today I would have loved for him to direct it. Maybe we could cast Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual in the lead roles and let the gay audience have a massive hard on for two straight hours. Of course, near the end, when both characters are desperately trying to save their relationship, one would say to the other: "Ang baklang karne, gilingin mo man at gawing hamburger hindi pa rin yan magbabago. baklang hamburger pa rin yan!"

Promising noh? I already have written my Urian acceptance speech.


Lavender Girl said…

I'm friends with your boyfriend and I love him! :) Pointed me to your blog and here I am, loving your posts.

Can't wait to meet you! :)

I'm glad you're together. You make my friend happy. :)

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