so what?

so i'm not having a spectacularly nice day? so what if i stayed up all night to write an article that is due this afternoon? so what if i still haven't had any sleep because i had to report to work early today to edit a plug? so what if i only had two hundred pesos this morning but i still decided to take a cab because i thought i was late for work? so what if the cab driver had no change and that i had to buy an overpriced C2 in a nearby sari-sari store just so i could pay him? so what if the tindera also had no change and had to go around the block to find some? so what if all the time that it took for me to get some change caused me an additional P15 on the cab fare? so what if i now had only P50 on my pocket and payday is still three days away? so what if my editor is still not here and its already 9:15? so what if i had to rush the plug to broadway since its scheduled to air today? so what if i would probably be sweating and shitting on my pants trying to make it on time? so what if i had a deliriously exciting life? so what if i want to just walk away and resolve to be happy in the next 72 hours? so what if i'm liable to bite someone else's head right this very minute? so fucking what?


why not nga naman?hehehe...calm down...reading your entry makes me absorb the stress your feeling. hehehe. very much effective
bwisit diaries said…
alam mo ba ang pinaka-bad trip dun? nakalimutan ko pang mag-belt kaya habang nagru-run run ako towards the LRT katipunan, nahuhulog ang pantalon koh! and when i reached the station, it was teeming with commuters. ang haba ng pila and it was already 2 in the afternoon. hanggang 2:30 lang yung show namin. i was ready to cry at that very moment. all the stress and tension coming down on me. and when i finally reached the studio, the show was down to its last minutes. the plug, which i thought was quite nice, wasnt aired until the next day. o well. talk about futile efforts!

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