psycho cab driver

Last night, I had a frightening experience with a cab driver. As usual, since it was already late, Mj and I hailed a cab infront of the tape office. Our plan was that I was going to drop him off in Edsa on my way to the house in Bago Bantay. But since MJ lives in Makati, we would have to cross edsa, drop him off in the other side of the road, and just drive towards timog and then quezon avenue. it was always been like that. last night's driver, however, was a psycho-uber-stupid bitch and he wanted us to drop MJ in gateway and just make a right turn when we reach edsa. of course, we wouldnt hear of it. siya ba yung nagbabayad at binabayaran ba niya kami para sumakay sa kanya? hindi divah? despite his protests, we proceeded with our plan. the ugly monster, however, couldnt keep his mouth shut. the moment we left cubao, he started shouting at me.

"Kung kagaya ninyo lang yung mga pasehero, hindi ko na isasakay!" say ng punyetang patay gutom.

"E babayaran naman namin kayo ah!" i said, rather loudly, because i was beginning to lose my temper too.

When we reached Judge Jose Abad, I decided to pay him and take another cab. However, when i stepped down the vehicle, i accidentally banged the door a tad too strong. fearing that I might have damaged his car, I started to walk fast. From afar I could see the driver going out of the vehicle. Since I was frightened that the ugly driver might smash my pretty face, I immediately hailed another taxi. I was already congratulating myself for eluding the stupid driver when suddenly he appeared in our rear view mirror. He was trying to make us stop by blocking the road, which he was eventually able to do. He had his window down and i saw that he was holding the money that i gave him. I was so scared that it took me five seconds before I could instruct the driver to just drive away. Actually, my fear was that the new driver was with the other driver too. I thought I was going to be gang raped (haha!).

"Mama, bibigyan ko kayo ng two hundred pesos, iwasan lang natin siya," i told the cab driver.

"Wag kang mag-alala hanggang nasa poder kita, hindi kita papabayaang magalaw," he told me.

So we ended up in my room and had wild romantic sex. Ha ha. Of course not. I was able to elude the psycho driver and lived to tell this frightening tale. But i was so shaken by what happened that it made me think. I have fought with cab drivers before but not as violent as what happened last night. We would argue over the price and eventually one of us would give in. I also always take a cab to work then but rarely do i encounter rude, uncouth drivers. I used to work in Port Area, by the way, which is unbelievable far compared to katipunan. It made me wonder: are today's drivers more uncivilized and more rude than before? Or am I just too stressed out that i declare war whenever the opportunity presents itself?

Just hours ago, my friends and I hailed a cab in Greenhills. When we told the driver our itinerary (from greenhills to gateway and finally to sm city), the driver immediately asked for an additional P50.

"Wala na yatang disenteng drayber ngayon," i whispered to Weng.

When finally I was left alone inside the cab, the driver tried to make conversation with me. "Ang iingay ng kaibigan mo," he told me. I ignored him. I used to be friendly with them, trying to ask their kita for the day, etc. Heck, I even dated a cab driver. But after last night's scarefest, I am declaring an all out war with cab drivers. Of course, this doesnt mean that I wouldnt take cabs anymore. Of course not. But if they will impose their monstrosity and ignorant ways on me then i think it is also fare that I will be as monstrous and uncouth as them. bow.


neatnerd said…
Alright, this story made me laugh. I even did my best to translate the Filipino.

-Random person from Canada
bwisit! said…
hey neatnerd,

thanks for dropping by. oh god, the cabbies here in manila are monsters! im not lying. hahaha!

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