gretchen smooches, ruffa loses (a marriage and a turkish mansion, that is)

i looked at my boyfriend who was still sleeping (or is he?), checked the things that i will be bringing today, put on my shoes and left the apartment. i was so hungry i could feel the gastric juices spurting inside my stomach (is that how it works? I don't know). when i arrived at the office, i ate a biscuit, which only made my stomach ache even more. then i realized i just needed to poo (ha.ha.). my entire afternoon was spent searching for a data on adoption on the net. apparently, there are more information about the icky gretchen and john estrada kissing session than domestic adoption. for example, i now know the brand of the cellphone from where the picture came from but i still have to find out how many were domestically adopted last year. after spending an hour or so searching for the info, i just gave up and opened my guys4men account. i mean, why stress myself when i could just call mother tomorrow to get the info from her. Mother works for an NGO.

I have nothing against chimis though. a few sundays ago, my entire afternoon was spent reading the ogie alcasid and regine velasquez love affair. the article was so long that when i finished reading it was already dinnertime. i actually thought i was reading jane austen. last weekend, my sunday was spent waiting for gretchen's statement on the buzz. gretch was a no show but ruffa was. although i was so... mesmerized by ruffa's tackiness, i thought she was old news. During the program, i received a text message from MJ saying that even if Ruffa's interview was spectacularly tacky and insipid, nothing beats kris aquino who didnt need an interviewee and could interview herself. in fact, just place her in front of the camera and she would ask questions and answer them herself. i told MJ that if Gretchen and Ruffa married up then Kris Aquino, who is already wealthy, married down. "That's what makes her so... Kontrobersyal!" replied MJ. Controversial and stupid. I went away with a few quotable quotes though. I could never say that I haven't had a boyfriend who didnt wear tacky clothes but i must say that "they were young and they were all VERY handsome."


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