freak out boy

I'm freaking out to tell you the truth. I'm broke and my head aches and I can't work and I can't think. I have interviews to set up, VTRs to edit, and did I tell you that I have bills to pay? Last Sunday, while doing our laundry, i asked myself, rather incredulously: Is this it? Am I forever doomed to a dreary existence? Is this all what life has to offer? A measly pay check every payday, bills to pay every month, and dreams forever unrealized? Anyway, I'm down mostly because I'm broke. If there is anything that I hate most, apart from being rejected by cute guys, having pimps este pimples break out across my oh-so-pretty face, and getting scolded by my superiors, its being dead broke.

the sorry state of my finances, however, did not prevent me from having a nice, relaxing weekend. I saw two movies, Zodiac, which i thought was good, and Fitzcarraldo, which i thought was brilliant. I was also able to read one book, Devil in a Blue dress. I know the book came out a long time ago but i found it riveting. Now, I'm re-reading a travel book by one of my favorite authors. O well, maybe I'd ask the hubby for a massage when I come home later tonight. I so need it.


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