you beach!

matabungkal excursion with the writers. ive been dying to get tanned ever since summer began and my wish was granted when our head writer organized a trip to batangas. on our way home, we dropped by calatagan to check out the resort where my boss plans to put up a house. calagatan is fahbulous! but we didnt have time to swim.

"sayang ang mga pinag-boxing ko. di ko mapapakita ang aking boxer-fit bod," i told weng who boxes with me every week.

she looked at my flabby physique and said: "sayang talaga."

unperturbed, i sauntered along the shore in search of a cutie. wala. during our entire batangas trip we barely saw any cuties. "Tayo na yun eh," said MJ while looking at his pocket mirror.

oh well, at least i did get a tan. lavitttt!!!!


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