my life in bullet points

I just moved in with the boyfriend last may 1. i arrived home after boxing for about an hour and half, strutted haughtily into my room and started packing.

"Kumain ka muna," say ni Mother.

"Ayokoh!" i said, haphazardly stuffing my things into my bag. "Lalayas na ako ditoh!"

"Aba, at ikaw pa ang may ganang sumigaw. go pack yourself!"


so i told my mother i am leaving. i guess she is itching to get me out of the house because she immediately asked my stepfather to drive me to the apartment. aba teka, may ganung level. but wiz na ako nagdadadakdak at may-i-stuff my stuff into the van. and what did my stepfather do after opening the trunk? watch me haul my things one after another. the thought of helping me didnt even cross his mind. after 30 minutes of mindless laborous work, i was already texting le boyfriend that i am on my way to the house. he had the keys you see.

* there i was at the ground floor of the building surrounded by my unpreposessing things. when after a few minutes the boyfriend was still a no show, i decided to my carry all my stuff to our floor alone. i didnt realize what i have put myself into. punyeta. tagaktak ang pawis koh. my heart was beating so fast i thought i was going to die of a heart attack between the second and third floor. there was no elevator.

"tang-ina pag di ito nag-work out papatayin ko talaga siya," i thought, mentally cursing my boyfriend. "pinaghakot mo ako mula sa ground floor hanggang sa fourth floor kaya siguraduhin mo lang tatagal ito."

i also imagined my boyfriend being shocked once he sees that i have carried all my things alone. "siemps, super woman akoh," i planned on telling him. that made me smile.

* a few minutes later, he arrived with the delicious tofu that he cooked for me (how swit!) but was totally oblivious of the great feat i had just did (punyeta). o well, he did carry his stuff all by himself yesterday when i was at work.

* so all our things were already there. all we had to do is to move it to our room. i slipped the key into the knob and gave it a push. the door didnt bulge. end of story, we slept in the sala on our first day together. we were only able to open the door a day after when the right key was given to us.

* two gay men move in together. it was fun in the beginning until a cute boy moves in just below their floor. the couple and the boy become friends. good friends. well, they were until something happens. cute boy sleeps with the one of the couple. all hell breaks loose.

i tell this to the boyfriend.

haha. he said.

* so my boyfriend and i just moved in. its fantastic. its fun. its exhilarating. its freaking scary.

* its scary because it takes alooooot of work. finacially. mentally. emotionally. hay, physically, of course.

"ang romantic naman!" my friend said.

i tried to smile but my muscles were so sore all i could do is show some teeth and grin.


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