America's next top hacks

Ever since I started watching reality shows, I've always thought that there should be a reality show on filmmakers. Think about it. There is nothing more nerve-wracking and emotionally and intellectually draining than making movies. Egos flare up (not only of the filmmakers but also the actors), sometimes production managers and assistants screw up big time and if one is not that lucky the weather might even ruin the shoot. one thing is for sure, you could always expect drama on the set on any given day. Theoretically, such project should produce enough material to make it up until the next season.

Enter spielberg's On the Lot. In this week's episode, the filmmakers were tasked to produce a one-minute comedy piece. One filmmaker made a movie about a woman stranded on a bus in desperate need to pee. Another made something about farting. some were funny but most were so-so. At the end of each screening, the judges give short reviews. Most of the time, though, everybody is congratulating everybody about their not so remarkable works (sample review: "You are an artist but I just didnt like the fart part..."). from what i have seen so far, no filmmaker is doing anything that has not been done before. The themes, the one-line jokes, even the framing and the lighting, one has already seen them in commercials or in Michael Bay movies. After spending an hour or so watching the shorts, it became clear to me. Spielberg is not looking for the next great American filmmaker. He is searching for the next top Hollywood hack.


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