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America's next top hacks

Ever since I started watching reality shows, I've always thought that there should be a reality show on filmmakers. Think about it. There is nothing more nerve-wracking and emotionally and intellectually draining than making movies. Egos flare up (not only of the filmmakers but also the actors), sometimes production managers and assistants screw up big time and if one is not that lucky the weather might even ruin the shoot. one thing is for sure, you could always expect drama on the set on any given day. Theoretically, such project should produce enough material to make it up until the next season.

Enter spielberg's On the Lot. In this week's episode, the filmmakers were tasked to produce a one-minute comedy piece. One filmmaker made a movie about a woman stranded on a bus in desperate need to pee. Another made something about farting. some were funny but most were so-so. At the end of each screening, the judges give short reviews. Most of the time, though, everybody is co…

Chismis mongers

I've found a new past time. I sooo lavit! you see, i regularly go online checking my emails, friendster account, g4m, and downelink respectively. Recently, I discovered PEP and though I'm a chismis lover its not their reports that caught my interest. mas malupit ang comment forum nila, kalowkah!

Check this comment forum on host Iya's reaction on ethel booba's revelation that drew arrellano is a good lay (drew, call me!!!):

"Written by jackievincennes on May 23, 2007 at 18:49 PM

Teka, akala ko, wala na sina Drew & Iya?! Sila pa rin pala... malalaman naman natin kung totoo o hindi, dapat mag-"compare notes" sina Iya & Ethel!

Written by lunaw on May 23, 2007 at 19:36 PM

Pround nga si IYA dahil maraming umaaligid sa kanyang BF na si DREW. Ang haba haba ng hair mo IYA. You must be proud to your self dahil maganda ka si Ethel naman ay CHAKKA... ha ha ha

Written by gangsta on May 23, 2007 at 20:24 PM

Yes Iya...of course your BF did not sleep with Ethel...and…

4am blues

alas kwatro na. heto pa rin ako dito sa office, edit ever ng mga kung anik anik na kachikhan. naka-isa na akong vtr. may tatlong grafix pa. naka-sampung beses na nga akong nag-friendster. lima sa guys4men. at tatlo naman sa downelink. heto pa rin ako naghihintay. walang saysay ang buhay. walang ritmo. naka-chat ko na nga yung isang nagsho-show sa ym na dati kong kakilala (dating women daw ang nakatala sa friendster niya), na-discover ang account ng isang male celebrity sa guys4men (can't wait to tell MJ and Michael, malolokah sila for syur!) at heto naghahanap naman ako ngayon ng tsimis sa pep. kumakalam na ang tiyan ko (mushroom lang yung kinain ko for dinner) pero wiz ko pa rin fillet magbreakfast. kailangang mag-fast eh, no time for exercise. naalala ko, kanina, sabi nung isang contestant sa taktak: "Tataktak ako at pagnakapunta ako sa amerika, magaasawa ako... ng Americano!" panalo ka ineng. ewan ko, naalala ko lang. si benny the editor, sleepy head na habang si boyf…

Let’s go to mot-mot and make dyug-dyug

Ever been to a motel? Come on, I’m sure you’ve been in one. I think a typical Filipino’s sex life wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a motel. It has become some sort of a passage for young hot blooded Pinoy adults. Throughout the years, however, motels have acquired a certain degree of notoriety. They evoke everything that is sleazy and forbidden. Suffice to say that motels have also, to some extent, become a symbol of how we Filipinos regard sex. We’ve never been conservative about sex, contrary to what many believe. But we have never been upfront about it. We do it but God forbid that we talk about it. It’s an idea that the motel owners have certainly taken to heart, especially their advertising logos.

Victoria’s Court’s signage, for example, has a woman (probably Victoria) with a finger before her lips. She’s probably telling passersby to be quiet but most probably she is telling them to be discreet. And doesn’t the name Victoria immediately remind us of the Victorian Period, a…

my life in bullet points

I just moved in with the boyfriend last may 1. i arrived home after boxing for about an hour and half, strutted haughtily into my room and started packing.

"Kumain ka muna," say ni Mother.

"Ayokoh!" i said, haphazardly stuffing my things into my bag. "Lalayas na ako ditoh!"

"Aba, at ikaw pa ang may ganang sumigaw. go pack yourself!"


so i told my mother i am leaving. i guess she is itching to get me out of the house because she immediately asked my stepfather to drive me to the apartment. aba teka, may ganung level. but wiz na ako nagdadadakdak at may-i-stuff my stuff into the van. and what did my stepfather do after opening the trunk? watch me haul my things one after another. the thought of helping me didnt even cross his mind. after 30 minutes of mindless laborous work, i was already texting le boyfriend that i am on my way to the house. he had the keys you see.

* there i was at the ground floor of the building surrounded by my unpreposes…

you beach!

matabungkal excursion with the writers. ive been dying to get tanned ever since summer began and my wish was granted when our head writer organized a trip to batangas. on our way home, we dropped by calatagan to check out the resort where my boss plans to put up a house. calagatan is fahbulous! but we didnt have time to swim.

"sayang ang mga pinag-boxing ko. di ko mapapakita ang aking boxer-fit bod," i told weng who boxes with me every week.

she looked at my flabby physique and said: "sayang talaga."

unperturbed, i sauntered along the shore in search of a cutie. wala. during our entire batangas trip we barely saw any cuties. "Tayo na yun eh," said MJ while looking at his pocket mirror.

oh well, at least i did get a tan. lavitttt!!!!