stars are blind, sort of

i dont exactly consider myself a believer of esoteric philosophy but i do heed what my horoscope tells me. Back in the late 90s, when the Today newspaper was still in existence, the second thing that i always look for (the first being jessica zafra's column) was the horoscope page. believe it or not, most of the time they were right. for example, on the day that i had a major breakdown at work, my horoscope advised me to keep calm. if only i had followed what the stars were telling me to do i might still be writing for a major newspaper. each year, i also devour manila standard's six-page, comprehensive feng-sui forecast for good measure. r

ecently, i discovered zenaida zeva's blogspot account and what the fuck she's good. a few days ago, my horoscope told me that if i was looking for a house to own or to rent then i will receive a message from the owners not later than 3:15 in the afternoon and that if i did i should immediately act on it. well, at 2 in the afternoon, filma was already bugging me about the room that we were intending to rent. my boyfriend and i had visited the place yesterday and we are planning to move in later this month. tarush davah! although my mother also told me this morning that my brother, who abandoned me after we were kicked out of our first apartment, that he's thinking of inviting me to live with him again. hmmm... what to do? what to do? im still thinking if i should junk filma's offer and move in with my super twin brother so here i am again asking the stars what i should do next. kaya may-i-visit my neighborhood internet shop to check my horoscope but instead this is what i get:

"Gains in career and money loom large now.You just have to open your eyes -- and ears, too ! --to opportunity.Don't immediately reject a proposal unless you've studied it thoroughly.Within it may lie the answer to a question you've been thinking about."

Hmmm very promising indeed. forget about the apartment. is this a sign that i will now be able to do my dream project, that of a drama invovling two gorgeous gay men stuck in a room for 72 hours, exchanging dramatic lines in the nude? see you in the next cinemanila film festival, tarush!


Anonymous said…
mind sharing the link to her blogspot?
bwisit! said…
it used to be but for some reason she hasnt been updating her site...

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