live from bicol

april 14, 2007
legazpi, bicol

my office threw me here to cover the little miss philippines auditions and to do an update of the five typhoon reming victims that we featured on the show last december. sounds exciting? of course not. its actually a pain in the ass. i would rather be in manila bickering with my boyfriend than be here doing extra work for almost nothing. i know i do get excited every time im in a shoot but boy after the paychecks that i have been receiving these couple of months, why bother?

well the truth is nothing dreadful has happened (i.e. lost tapes, terrible hotel staff, etc.) but still i feel as if my toe nails are being hammered over and over again. however, i did have a stressful 72 hours. cue rewind button:

april 12, pasig: started late, ended late. i decided to edit all four of my little miss philippines vtrs before i leave for bicol. i thought i would be done in no time since i already knew what to do with the vtrs. by 10pm, we were done and ready to head home. then the editor pushed the render botton and wham we were stuck for almost two hours in the editing room. it was already two in the morning when my editor realized that he had accidentally put the chargen on top of our background graphic, making what was supposedly a quick 10 minute wait to a two hour ordeal. wow, what a fucking genius. it would have been ok if i didnt have to rush home, meet my boyfriend and pack for a five-day trip. as if that wasnt enough, as i was rushing back to the office a group of policemen flagged down the taxi i was in. what the fuck! an orc then peeked into the backseat, knocked on my window, and asked me to open the door. the stupid orc wanted me to open my bag and inspect its contents. sayang walang bomba, naipasak ko sana na putang inang bunganga niya! i mean, wow, he even asked me what i was doing outside at three in the morning. i was tempted to say that i just got fucked by a dozen of men in a wild orgy. this has happened to me before, once while i was heading to broadway. i know i look like a junkie and a thief but man do i look that bad? (look at the upright photo for reference)

fast foward: friday the 13th. okay, so i survived and now i was on my way to bicol. the boyfriend was actually kind of sweet. he not only waited up for me to come home, he even helped me pack my things. i love it when people do that to me, especially the ones that im sharing my bed with (charing!). i was so heady with love that i even texted him some very gooey stuff, which of course i will not publish here as it may ruin my career (as if i had a career). everything was doing fine until i texted something very innocuous to the boyfriend and once again he read it way, way out of context. it actually reminded me of a hilarious play i once read. one character would go: "O, bakit ka galit sa text mo, hindi naman kita inaaway ah." then the other would reply: "Ha, hindi naman ako galit sa yo ha." "Eh bakit may exclamation point, o tingnan mo oh." "teka, may smiley naman sa huli ah"... and so on and so forth. but this time, it actually happened to me and it wasnt funny. the boyfriend texted some very nasty things but i am so in love with him i was ready to forgive him even before he asked for forgiveness. i even apologized for good measure. good thing i was in love with him because such recklessness can actually ruin a relationship. we're okay now but everytime i think of that incident i feel as if a pony is kicking me in the gut.


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