in smouldering bicol

april 15, 2007
its a cold rainy summer evening
in red hot bicol

electricity was restored just now. good thing i was already out searching for an internet cafe with a generator (hello, good luck!). my only hope were the malls but establishments close up early here in legazpi. i was just walking back to the hotel when lo and behold the street lights suddenly came on. i immediately walked to the nearest cafe and after a few seconds droves of teenagers came in. hmmm... so this is how they spend the night here in legazpi. too bad though, i wasnt able to chat with my boyfriend online. by the time i had planted my petite ass in front of the pc, he was already home eating his dinner. sayang, i had such a nice time chatting with him last night. we were actually like those YM buddies. I was on cam, he was on cam. if i was in a private room i would probably have showed him something titillating(wink wink). "feeling ko, asawa ako ng isang OFW," my boyfriend said. "Walang OFW, OFW," i told him, "hubad!"

LMP update (as if you care): like i said earlier, i am here for the little miss philippines auditions. well, today, we finally held our final screening. what was interesting was that we actually had two very promising kids: one who talks like celia rodriguez (i kid you not) and the other who looks and speaks like debra liz. by showbiz standards, celia is already a pro. she has gone through several workshops and can do anything at the drop of a pin. debra, however, is a natural. she had us in stitches with her every answer. she has charmed us, especially one of the judges, direk herman.

honestly though, i was for celia. i could see that she had worked hard for her audition piece. she may not have debra's charm but she is driven. im all for her, probably because i too lack the charm. i felt like we were more of salierie's kind rather than mozart's. remember that brilliant film, which it depicted the rivalry between mozart, who was a genius, and salierie, who was a competent composer but WAS NOT A GENIUS. it made all the difference. salierie may use all his brain matter, creating the most magnificent music but it would still pale in comparison to mozart's sonatas.


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