Gayest moments on Philippine TV

here's a fun idea. if i ever get the chance to have my own column, i'd definitely tackle this. it will be my greatest and most memorable contribution as an unknown but well loved and well fed writer so "ang pinaka" staff back off okay. this has been gestating in my womb ever since i became a full-fledged beauty queen so direk, cue vtr:

gayest moments on philippine tv, in no particular order

* maricel soriano dancing to "I am What I am"

* trannies finallly living their dreams of becoming beauty queens on national TV in eat bulaga's super sireyna. The noontime show elevated what used to be just a barangay carnival extravaganza into a national event.

* Paulo Ballesteros winning the BEBOT title in Eat Bulaga: A (rumored) closeted gay man pretending to be a straight man pretending to be a pageant girl (a stunning pageant girl, mind you) who eventually won the crown. Oh what a conundrum!

* every VIP / Vilma! opening number. last year i got a chance to work with maribeth bichara (who is rumored to be a dyke). of course i had to ask her about the opening numbers, especially the one where vilma's skirt blossomed into flower. "Ah, yung La Vien Rose production number," she said.

* Roderick Paulate dancing to Rick Ashley’s “Together Forever”. What’s gay in that? You take a guess.

* Former heartthrob Rustom Padilla coming out on national TV (with matching butterfly flying in the background). But like most queens said: Who was surprised, honey?

* Ricky Reyes teaching fledging make up artists the proper way to apply make up on his TV show.

* Encantadia. now, which diwata are you? Pirena, Amihan...

To be continued


southdude said…
haha natawa ako dun sa Encantadia!

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