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Gayest moments on Philippine TV

here's a fun idea. if i ever get the chance to have my own column, i'd definitely tackle this. it will be my greatest and most memorable contribution as an unknown but well loved and well fed writer so "ang pinaka" staff back off okay. this has been gestating in my womb ever since i became a full-fledged beauty queen so direk, cue vtr:

gayest moments on philippine tv, in no particular order

* maricel soriano dancing to "I am What I am"

* trannies finallly living their dreams of becoming beauty queens on national TV in eat bulaga's super sireyna. The noontime show elevated what used to be just a barangay carnival extravaganza into a national event.

* Paulo Ballesteros winning the BEBOT title in Eat Bulaga: A (rumored) closeted gay man pretending to be a straight man pretending to be a pageant girl (a stunning pageant girl, mind you) who eventually won the crown. Oh what a conundrum!

* every VIP / Vilma! opening number. last year i got a chance to work with m…

stars are blind, sort of

i dont exactly consider myself a believer of esoteric philosophy but i do heed what my horoscope tells me. Back in the late 90s, when the Today newspaper was still in existence, the second thing that i always look for (the first being jessica zafra's column) was the horoscope page. believe it or not, most of the time they were right. for example, on the day that i had a major breakdown at work, my horoscope advised me to keep calm. if only i had followed what the stars were telling me to do i might still be writing for a major newspaper. each year, i also devour manila standard's six-page, comprehensive feng-sui forecast for good measure. r

ecently, i discovered zenaida zeva's blogspot account and what the fuck she's good. a few days ago, my horoscope told me that if i was looking for a house to own or to rent then i will receive a message from the owners not later than 3:15 in the afternoon and that if i did i should immediately act on it. well, at 2 in the afternoon, …

in smouldering bicol

april 15, 2007
its a cold rainy summer evening
in red hot bicol

electricity was restored just now. good thing i was already out searching for an internet cafe with a generator (hello, good luck!). my only hope were the malls but establishments close up early here in legazpi. i was just walking back to the hotel when lo and behold the street lights suddenly came on. i immediately walked to the nearest cafe and after a few seconds droves of teenagers came in. hmmm... so this is how they spend the night here in legazpi. too bad though, i wasnt able to chat with my boyfriend online. by the time i had planted my petite ass in front of the pc, he was already home eating his dinner. sayang, i had such a nice time chatting with him last night. we were actually like those YM buddies. I was on cam, he was on cam. if i was in a private room i would probably have showed him something titillating(wink wink). "feeling ko, asawa ako ng isang OFW," my boyfriend said. "Walang OFW, OFW,&quo…

kanino ka natatakot?

ive got an idea. present three pictures, namely count dracula, the PNP chief, and GMA, to the passersby in edsa. lets do an mos and lets see who among the three inject real fear to the people. ako, i have a pretty good idea who it is. kayo kanino kayo natatakot?

radio gagah

i have a confession to make. whenever i am stuck in traffic, i like (no, actually i love) listening to... Nicole Hyala. i know she sounds so stupid and corny but then in some days thats what i need. i need a loud, grating, babaeng bakla telling jokes that doesnt make sense to actually make it through the day. anyway, i was listening to the radio (not love radio i must add but equally insidious) when i came across this conversation.

DJ: Kanino mo ide-dedicate ang song mo?

caller: sa papa po ng anak ko.

DJ: wow, how nice? sa asawa mo pala.

caller: ay, hindi ko po siya asawa.

DJ: Ah bale mag-live in kayo, ganun ba?

caller: uhm, hindi po. hiwalay na po kami. may asawa po kasi siyang iba.

DJ: Ahhhhh...!

caller: Nalaman ko po kasi after nag-one year yung anak ko na may asawa na siya.

DJ: Naku, bad yan.

caller: Oo nga po eh.

DJ: O ano bang sasabihin mo sa dedication mo?

caller: (clears her throat) ... Papa, thank you for always being good to me. Thank you for always staying beside me. thank you for …

live from bicol

april 14, 2007
legazpi, bicol

my office threw me here to cover the little miss philippines auditions and to do an update of the five typhoon reming victims that we featured on the show last december. sounds exciting? of course not. its actually a pain in the ass. i would rather be in manila bickering with my boyfriend than be here doing extra work for almost nothing. i know i do get excited every time im in a shoot but boy after the paychecks that i have been receiving these couple of months, why bother?

well the truth is nothing dreadful has happened (i.e. lost tapes, terrible hotel staff, etc.) but still i feel as if my toe nails are being hammered over and over again. however, i did have a stressful 72 hours. cue rewind button:

april 12, pasig: started late, ended late. i decided to edit all four of my little miss philippines vtrs before i leave for bicol. i thought i would be done in no time since i already knew what to do with the vtrs. by 10pm, we were done and ready to head home. …

megaendorser, circa 1988

"Let's face it. I get art directed, costume-fitted, jewelled up, made up, stylized, and glamorized all over... but it takes one thing to wear it right. perfectly flawless skin... that's why before its anybody else's... this face belongs to LUX."

Love the copy, love the look, love the ad, & love the star. Ate shawie, I bow before your lovely, Lux-enriched feet. Walang panama si Ate Vi at ng eskinol!