My friend and I was recently held up. At around two in the morning, after having a quiet late dinner with Weng, MJ and I decided to go home. Since i was broke, I decided not to take a cab. Walking home at two in the morning is not alien to us. We have been doing that for the last two years so it was never a big deal. After walking few blocks from our office, a man ran infront of us and said, calmly I must add, "Wag kayong papalag, holdap ito." The moment I saw him, I felt my knees gave in. I was already turned into jelly. Then four other men surrounded us. Two of them slipped their hands into our pockets and fished out our cell phones and wallets. Buti na lang cheap ang phone ko but the problem is Ive had that same number for the last two years. That's also the number that I listed on my job application at GMA and Probe. Not to mention that the phone also carries some nice (but incriminating) pictures of my boyfriend and I (hahaha).

When we reached Katipunan, we saw a group of policemen and reported the incident. We jumped into their vehicle and surveyed the neighboring streets but the police were so incompetent and MJ and I were such poor witnesses that we never saw the thieves again. So now Im back to my old phone.

Earlier that week, i was already plagued with personal problems: We were being kicked out of the apartment and I still had no place to move into, I was fast gaining weight ---- again, and the prospect of spending the next few nights at my mother's place (without my boyfriend of course) was already bumming me out. So i checked out Zenaida Seva's blog and read my horoscope. It mentioned Murphy's Law: If anything could go wrong, it will definitely go wrong..."to da next level", ika nga ni Rufa Mae.

Now I'm broke, homeless, and without my new phone. Oh well. Im back at my parents' house and using an old, old unit. It almost like im back to zero. but you know what, my world may seem to be ending but for some strange reason (mostly it has to do with my boyfriend being so supportive and caring) I still feel mightly fine.


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