Magaling! Magaling! Magaling!

My night started by watching bakekang. Who knew a show that revolves around Sunshine Dizon's flattened nose could be so riveting? MJ and I sat with our jaws dropped to the floor as the entire cast, so obviously blocked in an elaborate staircase, tried to pry Karisma and Kristal away from each other. On this episode, Kristal has just found out that her mother, Bakekang, is in the custody of her retokada sister, Karisma.

"Bakit mo sinasaktan si Mommy?" screamed Kristal. Later on, just before the commercial, Karisma sheds a tear or two,"Mas mahal kasi ni nanay si Kristal."

"Isang gap na, nag-aaway pa rin sila!" observes MJ.

"Sigaw lang ang narinig natin, sino ba ang scriptwriter nitoh?"

"At hindi sila nagche-change ng location. Nasa isang bahay pa rin sila!"

After the long altercation, Vangie Labalan and Gladys Reyes enter the scene along with a bunch of paid extras as policemen. Vangie and Gladys try to harrass Kristal into going with them.

"Bakit ka tumatakas?" screamed Vangie.

"Akala mo tanga kami?!" added Gladys.

"Kristal wag kang sumama," said Kristal's bestfriend, erstwhile girlfriend of the lesser known Yllana and TY girl in the recent Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

"Kailangan ko itong gawin, sana maintindihan ninyo," begged Ms Poe.

Gladys grabs Kristal by the arms and leads her out of the frame. "Straigh ahead," she said, "Let's home!"

It was at that point that MJ and I looked at each other and praised the show profusely.

"This is so gay!" MJ said.

"It's quite campy," I added. "I love it!"

"Mukhang matrona na si Sunshine!"

"Mage-end daw ito parang sa Bituing Walang Ningning na ginawa na rin sa Bituin."


Kristal goes live on TV and announces that she will not only will thrash Karisma from superstardom but will also reveal deep, dark secrets about her. The pressconwas held in what looks like a sala of a tacky middle class home and was attended by showbiz writers including that reporter from that hilarious show on RJ TV. News reach Valeria and Karisma.

"Anong gagawin natin?" asks Valeria.

"Akong bahala, tingnan natin kung sino ang magre-reyna!"

Then, the silver reel appears on the screen, signalling that yet another brilliant episode has just ended.

Hmmm... I could already see Michael making a grand entrance at the TAPE canteen, his hands flying into the air and his left eyebrow raised to high heavens, screaming: "Magaling! Magaling! Magaling!"


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