It's friday and I'm so not in love

I now realize, after being in a relationship for approximately two months now, that being attached entails alot of maturity. Of course, I was such a moron in thinking that being in a relationship was easier than, say, dating around. I was dating several guys before I met the man that I am currently with. It was already a bit of an effort then: hooking up, cruising, and eventually trying to find a connection, which more often than not, doesnt come easy. But of course, being attached also isnt as peachy as it sounds. In the last two months, I have discovered how selfish, destructive, and possessive I am. But I also realized that it is almost always the one who loves more that comes off as the villain in the story.


Guilty Wisdom said…
That's not entirely true. In love stories, the contrabida is whoever comes out angry and vindictive. Doens't matter what their intentions are.

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