ang ganda! ang ganda ganda!

Last Monday, kesihondang may editing kami, MJ and I rushed back to the office to watch I-Witness. Both of us are fans of the show but since we lead such busy lives we rarely get to watch it. MJ's favorite is Luchi Cruz Valdez' docu on "baklitas." Mine was about political dynasties and the film center. Last monday's show, however, promised to be both our favorite.

Mother Ricky Reyes was on. And we were excited on how Howie Severino would dissect the life of one of the most successful gay men in the philippines.

Now, I've had the chance to work with mother a few years ago. After working for several years in the print media, i was itching to go TV. I handed my resume to a handful of productions and TV networks thinking that my credentials (several writing gigs in various broadsheets and a workshop or two with respected filipino scriptwriters) would be enough to get me hired. of course, i was wrong. After several weeks of despair and deep depression, I was willing to work for anyone who would hire me. Cue Mother Ricky's production. After breezing through the several interviews with the show's director Daddy Cris (who, in turned out, was Mother Ricky's devoted husband), I got hired.

I'll be honest. I thought it was a tacky show. Coming from print media where I got to cover the New York Philharmonic and hobnob with various artists, the job seemed rather odd. I was so full of my self that I didnt realize that despite having sat through several workshops on film, I didnt know shit about segment producing, much less about running a TV show. the result was at the most mediocre. It also didnt help that the other segment producer, my friend Jed (who is now studying FILM for real), also didnt know what to do. You could just imagine the kind of show we were producing. Our brainstorming sessions went like this:

"O anong naiisip ninyo para sa summer episode natin?"

"May kilala akong Tito, pwede yung rest house niya sa baguio, gusto ninyong mag-baguio?"

"Tamang tama flower festival!"

"Sige interviewhin ko si Kidlat Tahimik."

"Sino yun?"

"Basta filmmaker siya."

"Anong koneksyon nun sa beauty?"

"Um, wala. pero intersting sha."

"Talaga, okay!

I may be working for Mother Ricky Reyes Beauty Plus but i sincerely thought i was working for I-Witness. Imagine our episode that Sunday: Kidlat Tahimik, Amazing Theater Philippines (Trannies galore), Kichie Nadal (i think) and a beauty makeover. It couldnt be more eclectic!

In fairness though, it was a learning experience.

In my two years (two years! ang tagal ever!) writing for the show, I got to see how mother handled his business. Of course, the show is just a small portion of his empire. we were not really on top of his list and we worked around his schedule. I never really became one of his top angels but i did get to talk to him and observe him closely. he was, i must say, very lady-like with the way he treated his staff and crew. may mga tsismis tsismisan siempre pero he was generally loved and respected by his staff. I remember interviewing him for his own magazine (hmm maybe he should create a magazine, ala O ni Oprah) and he was talking about being creative and at the same time making a profit. in fairness he made sense. Ricky Reyes may dress funny but mother is definitely one fahbulous queen.


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