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ang ganda! ang ganda ganda!

Last Monday, kesihondang may editing kami, MJ and I rushed back to the office to watch I-Witness. Both of us are fans of the show but since we lead such busy lives we rarely get to watch it. MJ's favorite is Luchi Cruz Valdez' docu on "baklitas." Mine was about political dynasties and the film center. Last monday's show, however, promised to be both our favorite.

Mother Ricky Reyes was on. And we were excited on how Howie Severino would dissect the life of one of the most successful gay men in the philippines.

Now, I've had the chance to work with mother a few years ago. After working for several years in the print media, i was itching to go TV. I handed my resume to a handful of productions and TV networks thinking that my credentials (several writing gigs in various broadsheets and a workshop or two with respected filipino scriptwriters) would be enough to get me hired. of course, i was wrong. After several weeks of despair and deep depression, I was willin…

shot in manila

If you want to have a good picture of Manila as a
city, don’t ask Dick Gordon. Try the movie houses
instead. Indeed, if we were to survey how Manila was
depicted in the films that came out in the last few
decades, it is clear that Manila is definitely no Wow
Philippines. You wouldn’t find genteel pinoys drinking
daiquiris while admiring the colorful jeepneys that
the Hotdogs so rave about. Instead you get ravaged
provincianos running amok, stoned prostitutes
searching for a way out, and young girls getting felt
by their nefarious stepfathers.

Drama and intrigue

One will also discover that Filipino filmmakers view
the city in utter seriousness, with the notable
exemption of, perhaps, Ishmael Bernal, whose films
always bear his trademark wicked humor. For the last
few decades, Filipino filmmakers have portrayed Manila
in all its squalid beauty. Here, they seem to say, is
a no man’s land where only the fittest survive and the
weaklings are devoured mercilessly. The city has, in
fact, become a convenient mi…

fiction kuning: monologue ng isang talunang bakla sa kanto ng orosa

SET: empty stage with only a stool and a table and nothing else


im bored. im so bored. im so bored i could eat the dora rat killer in our kitchen. does anybody still use a dora rat killer nowadays? my god! im so 1980s. im so
bored im talking to myself. and though i love myself, no doubt about it, down to my well manicured nails, pero of course mas gusto ko pa ring may kausap. Hay naku, this is so psycho. putang inang buhay ito, nasan na ba yang chenylynn chenes na yan! magte-trenta na ako hinihintay ko pa yang babaeng yan.

ewan ko ba, im 28 years old and im still socializing with these malate baklitas! chos
koh, ngayon lang ako nakakita nang ganitong kadaming bakla! parang gremlins ever! at ang mga hair, my god hair-raising. heto na ba ang mga napalaki ni mother ricky! they are worser than we were when we were sporting cindy lauper's hairdo! at least nun, may green, may red, may kung ano-ano pang eklavu! ngayon, yuk, just pure grease. at may gana pa silang manggaya ng mga can…


My friend and I was recently held up. At around two in the morning, after having a quiet late dinner with Weng, MJ and I decided to go home. Since i was broke, I decided not to take a cab. Walking home at two in the morning is not alien to us. We have been doing that for the last two years so it was never a big deal. After walking few blocks from our office, a man ran infront of us and said, calmly I must add, "Wag kayong papalag, holdap ito." The moment I saw him, I felt my knees gave in. I was already turned into jelly. Then four other men surrounded us. Two of them slipped their hands into our pockets and fished out our cell phones and wallets. Buti na lang cheap ang phone ko but the problem is Ive had that same number for the last two years. That's also the number that I listed on my job application at GMA and Probe. Not to mention that the phone also carries some nice (but incriminating) pictures of my boyfriend and I (hahaha).

When we reached Katipunan, we saw a gr…

Magaling! Magaling! Magaling!

My night started by watching bakekang. Who knew a show that revolves around Sunshine Dizon's flattened nose could be so riveting? MJ and I sat with our jaws dropped to the floor as the entire cast, so obviously blocked in an elaborate staircase, tried to pry Karisma and Kristal away from each other. On this episode, Kristal has just found out that her mother, Bakekang, is in the custody of her retokada sister, Karisma.

"Bakit mo sinasaktan si Mommy?" screamed Kristal. Later on, just before the commercial, Karisma sheds a tear or two,"Mas mahal kasi ni nanay si Kristal."

"Isang gap na, nag-aaway pa rin sila!" observes MJ.

"Sigaw lang ang narinig natin, sino ba ang scriptwriter nitoh?"

"At hindi sila nagche-change ng location. Nasa isang bahay pa rin sila!"

After the long altercation, Vangie Labalan and Gladys Reyes enter the scene along with a bunch of paid extras as policemen. Vangie and Gladys try to harrass Kristal into going with…

camp master

"(Elwood Perez) would forever remember Gosiengfiao as "a bohemian in a turtleneck, a cigarette dangling from his lips, like French actress Jeanne Moreau," Perez said." - report on the Inquirer

I discovered joey gosengfiao after i had discovered brocka and bernal. as a pretentious newly grad keen on learning everything about the movies and as a fledging writer hellbent on changing the world, i was more interested in social dramas and films (that's films, not movies) that had garnered an X number of awards from various film festivals. of course, it was not surprising that i was a rather humorless kid. i took myself way too seriously despite the fact that most people around me didnt. i guess that's how young men weaned on a strange diet of jd salinger, william burroungs and jack keroack usually are. i was a poseur desperately wanting to be seen as a man of gravitas. it was only later in life, after experiencing real pain and rejection, did i learn to laugh at m…

It's friday and I'm so not in love

I now realize, after being in a relationship for approximately two months now, that being attached entails alot of maturity. Of course, I was such a moron in thinking that being in a relationship was easier than, say, dating around. I was dating several guys before I met the man that I am currently with. It was already a bit of an effort then: hooking up, cruising, and eventually trying to find a connection, which more often than not, doesnt come easy. But of course, being attached also isnt as peachy as it sounds. In the last two months, I have discovered how selfish, destructive, and possessive I am. But I also realized that it is almost always the one who loves more that comes off as the villain in the story.